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Why We Are America’s First Choice For Tealights

Perfect For Weddings, Parties, And Events

Highest Quality

“Our tealights are manufactured using the “Poured” method rather than pressed. This allows us to produce a better quality product that results in a cleaner and longer burning candle”. The quality of our candles and our exclusive guarantee has made us “Americas First Choice for Tealights”.

Long burn time: Up to 4-5 hours

Because our candles are “poured”, the wax is more densely packed than other tealights. This means that our candles burn longer. So you use less candles and you get a higher quality product. That is good for you and the environment.

America’s First Choice for Tealights

We sell more tealights than anyone else in North America. What’s made us #1? That’s easy. We only sell premium quality products and we offer the only “Total Burn Guarantee” in the business.

Made in USA

We believe in supporting America’s economy so our candles are made right here in the “Good Ole US of A”. In North America we also have higher quality standards than they do overseas so you get a better quality product that meets all federal standards.

Best shipping rates

All of our retail orders are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and they have the fastest and best shipping rates in the US. You get your product quickly and for less money. Wholesale orders are shipped via certified carriers and is free within the continental US.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

While it doesn’t happen very often, if any of our candles do not burn all the way down (which can take up to 5 hours), simply return the defective units directly to us and we will replace them free of charge.

Watch a 2 minutes video on how you can use our Primelight Candles!